Media Performance

The classes are body and voice conducted in order to increase the students’ perception of
themselves when communicating with an audience through different texts.

In the 2019’s Spring semester, I was invited by Erica Pulley, a faculty member at SFSU to create and lead voice workshops for her students. They were learning how to have a natural and comfortable relationship with cameras and microphones. After graduating in the summer of 2021, I became a faculty member and thus was responsible for one of the media performance classes. This course is taught at SFSU/BECA in San Francisco CA catering to a growing demand from students who want to pursue their careers as presenters and content creators.

I had the good fortune of meeting Cintya as she was beginning her graduate studies at San Francisco State University and invited her to develop and lead a series of workshops in my Media Performance classes. Cintya takes a whole-body approach to her performance pedagogy and brought her impressive professional experience into our classroom. Cintya’s work and dedication has has deeply enriched my students’ experience, and I have learned many useful techniques and methods from her contributions to my classes.Erica Pulley

The purpose here is to help the student develop their presence, readiness, capacity for improvisation, and communication skills in front of the cameras and behind the microphones. As part of the dynamics of each class, students learn how to use their breathing as an essential part of the performance. Body and voice warm-ups are also part of the structure of the classes which always ends with a performance as a result of the exercise/stimulus/inspiration/trigger of the day. Recognizing how to calm the mental waves and avoiding any judgment or nervousness that could interfere with/harm the expressive moment of performance. Indicated for presenters of news, interviews and commercials, announcers, content creators, and artists in general.



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