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Cintya Mentoring
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Here you will find courses I offer in different styles of voice performance, from group courses which are around three months long to one-and-a-half-hour individual sessions.
Whatever your case, after a conversation, I will develop a work plan exclusively to meet your professional needs or the demands of your project.

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Voice to Speech Mentoring

If you depend on your voice for your work, whether you’re an executive, translator/interpreter, training instructor, or work in any other profession that relies on effective verbal communication, this mentoring is for you.

Cintya Chaves olhando para a câmera sorrindo
Cintya Chaves olhando para a câmera sorrindo see more about this mentoring

Artistic Voice Consulting and Direction

If your company is embarking on endeavors such as launching a podcast, developing a voice system, or any other form of media requiring a distinct voice, it’s highly likely that you’ll benefit from the expertise of a voice director. This consultancy service can significantly enhance the creation process, making it more enjoyable, precise, and ultimately more effective.

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Voice Over Mentoring

When we identify the elements of the voice, we gain the tools we need to use them as we wish. In this course, students work on vocal perception not only from the point of view of the speaker but also from the listener. What emotions does a voice awaken in me?


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