Group Voiceover Workshop

When we identify the elements of the voice, we gain the tools we need to use them as we wish. In this course, students work on vocal perception not only from the point of view of the speaker but also from the listener. What emotions does a voice awaken in me?

If your voice is your primary tool for work, whether you’re a presenter, voiceover artist, voice actor, or journalist, this group workshop offers the opportunity to develop clear vocal listening skills, which are essential for using your own voice effectively.

What are the characteristics of your voice? What emotions does your voice evoke? 

In this course, we will dive into the universe of Voice Over and Voice for Speech.

This is a practical course where theatrical games and body techniques support the discovery of a voice that, in its own way, can become more flexible and versatile.

Every participant, whether a beginner or an experienced professional, is invited on a journey of self-discovery and artistic growth. Here, you will not only refine your skills as a voice professional but also as the artist you are.

“Cintya is more than a teacher, she is a facilitator. The classes with her are extremely technical and at the same time affectionate. In a light and calm way, it helped me to find my own voice. And I feel that the same happened with the other students at the workshop, each of them discovered their own unique way of using their voices. The profiles were designed based on the difficulties and talents of each one. It was a very intense workshop that inspired me to continue studying, and it was also a path of self-knowledge through my voice.”Maria FanchinActress and Movie Director

Classes are offered online via Zoom.

The next cohort launches in February 2024

Will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4 pm (PCT) from February 6 to the 29 of 2024.

Duration: 4 weeks / 2 sessions per week of 2 hours each

Investment: (To be determined)

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