Voice, a cheeky dancer

Listen, open your ears and listen well…


The voice is an important tool for identifying personality traits in each of us. The tone, rhythm, speed, articulation, and resonance of a voice can reveal emotions, behaviors, and the level of confidence we have in ourselves. The identity of the speaker is gradually revealed through these elements that normally go unnoticed. Listening to our own voice is fundamental as a process of self-knowledge where the sound becomes healing, relief, and pleasure.

I am not a speech therapist or singer, my focus is more related to the behavior, personality, and identity of each person through the voice. What does this voice express? What experiences does it carry?

I learned vocal warm-ups / cool-down techniques from my dear teachers, Isabel Setti, Monica Montenegro, Andrea Drigo, Carmina Juarez, and Andrea Kaiser who helped me to create a deep foundation with this delicate instrument that fascinates me so much. Among these teachers, some are musicians, others are speech therapists, singers, theater directors, storytellers, performers, and dancers. They are women who helped me to understand that our trout only needs to open the way so the voice can pass by and that it is possible to give a word all the meaning it carries on.

Today with the new digital technologies that use speech as the main means of communication, the voice has gained an immense space and it is so different in our daily lives that we no longer know when we are talking to a person or a robot.

At the bus stop there was a voice to inform me of the time of the next bus; before crossing the street, a voice spoke to me asking me to wait. In my kitchen the stove speaks, the refrigerator speaks, my secretary who lives on my phone also speaks to me.

But how can a robot imbue each word with the human meaning it carries? The answer is certainly a mixture of two faculties, linguistics and technology. I keep looking for the answer in this tangle that mixes roots and near futures.

Listen, open your ears and listen well…

Is the speech soft, the conversation good and does the laughter run freely?

So, we want to stay longer in this conversation where speech, intention and freedom lead to true communication. There, we stay longer because we recognize the pleasure of listening and articulating a simple and direct speech.
But how to talk to disinterested, disjointed voices, devoid of color and meaning?
The communication that we like to have with others in real life is, according to some authors that I have been researching, the same that we would like to have with our little electronic devices.
It is a lot of mystery to unravel in a single Master’s degree.

Voice, that slob dancer that paves the way in the rivers of our throat and in the roof of the mouth to the stars.



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