Artistic Voice Consulting and Direction

If your company is launching a podcast, developing a voice system, or needs a professional to train employees to communicate better and more effectively in public, this consultancy can make the process much more enjoyable and effective.

Cintya Chaves olhando para a câmera sorrindo
Cintya Chaves olhando para a câmera sorrindo
Cintya Chaves olhando para a câmera sorrindo

This is a creative direction work that involves collaboration in script development (if you have one) as well as a study of the fundamental elements of voice to define the best tone for your company’s communication based on content and target audience.

Professionals from various fields have already benefited from this consultancy, such as the San Francisco Public Press, which transformed its podcast “Civic” into a much more intimate, natural, and authentic auditory experience. One of the goals of this creative direction is to make the voice of your project sound as clear and engaging as your vision.

To achieve this, I offer everything from training and consulting to directing performances and guiding script adaptations to accentuate the power of your message through the voices of your employees, interviewees, hosts, and more.

Cintya is an excellent coach and teacher who can get the best out of any vocal performer.Sylvie Sturm Multimedia journalist, writer, editor, podcaster, educator

Investment: To be determined based on the project scope.



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